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High-Quality Restoration
Furniture Hardware

For many years, Ansaldi Furniture Hardware has been the leading source of quality brass and restoration hardware. We take great pride in our work and value each and every customer relationship we have developed over the years.

Are you looking to match a single brass pull, small brass knob, or maybe you need to replace all of your existing furniture hardware? Don’t worry, our wide range of high-quality antique and polished brass materials/finishes from the Faneuil Furniture Hardware line are guaranteed to fit any taste or budget.

Whether it’s ornamental or cabinet hardware, we have elegant brass knobs and pulls that will surely bring beauty into any home or office. Whether it’s custom brass hardware or standard brass cabinet hardware, our products will add a whole new dimension to your cabinets, appliances, and other major furniture pieces.

We offer the following and more:

  • Modern furniture hardware
  • Period cabinet hardware
  • Antique furniture hardware
  • Small cabinet hardware
  • Large cabinet hardware
  • Solid brass furniture hardware
  • Brass-finished cabinet hardware
  • Polished cabinet hardware

Our services don’t just end at cabinet hardware though, we truly specialize in all kinds of furniture hardware. If you’re looking for fresh door hardware or specific specialty restoration hardware, the team at Ansaldi has it covered.

We offer the following large selection of specialty restoration hardware and more:

  • Keys
  • Keyholes
  • Keyhole escutcheons
  • Different styles of ring pulls
  • Different styles of drop pendant pulls
  • Variety of backplates
  • Variety of bails
  • Variety of bail pulls
  • Variety of knobs
  • Variety of modern pulls
  • Variety of campaign hardware

Have questions or need guidance on what hardware works best for your latest project? The knowledgeable team at Ansaldi is more than happy to help! Reach out to us today and we can help guide you in the right direction.

Our elegant knobs and pulls will add a whole new dimension to your cabinets, appliances, and other furniture pieces.